3rd of 5 (of the Many) Badasseries of Zhuge Liang

BEFORE READING: I am putting off the Monday Meme for March 4, 2013, for this post. See how important this is? Well, for me anyway.

In the previous post, I showed two of what I think are Zhuge Liang’s most prominent badasseries, namely, the Empty Fort Strategy at Number 5 and the Southern Campaign, Number 4.

Now, let me continue the countdown. Stick around for Number 1!

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Meme Mondays: 02-25-13


Now, for the side comment. Not a lot of people are going to get this reference. I shall update when everything is complete. Foreshadowing, people.

Think of this as a preview of what’s to come. Hint: It will be a post.

Have a/an [adjective] Monday!